Friday, March 5, 2010

Daddy's Eyes


I heard this song and it made me mad. Daddy's Eyes, by the Killers. Lyrics are here. Its about a father's affair with another woman. He is making excuses to his son as to why he is being unfaithful. The line that got me the most was, "this has nothing to do with you." To me, cheating is one of the most selfish acts a person can commit. Some situations may be hard. You may not love a person anymore. You may have married them for the wrong reasons. But cheating on a person is just selfish. You are only thinking about your own feelings and gratifications without any idea of how your actions affect those around you, those involved in your life, such as your spouse and children. Thus, the line "this has nothing to do with you" is completely off. It has everything to do with the child. It is definitely not the kid's fault, but the situation has everything to do with any family member, simply because they will have to suffer the ramifications of an affair.

I thought about how I could depict what I felt after listening to this song, and came up with an illustration of a broken down tree house. The tree house represents a once trusting relationship between a father and son, which now lies abandoned and broken in the wake of neglect for care. Likewise the heart of a child can be left broken and trust abandoned after being shattered by an unfaithful father.

Daddy's Eyes (c) the Killers
Artwork (c) SwissDutchess

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  1. i have goose bumps. i agree with what you said. and thanks for sharing your amazing work. i love reading your thought process as you decide what to draw/paint. wonderful.