Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Belong To You


Having listed all of the songs by the Killers and Muse, I had my friend guess a number between one and one hundred and something, and the number she picked had "I Belong To You" listed next to it. Excellent way to start since its my favorite song off of Muse's newest album, The Resistance.

The great thing about this song is its basically a message to a girl who was hurt by a guy who is trying to win her back. After changing his heart and his ways, he seeks her across the world to tell her she is the only one for him. What girl doesn't want to hear that? I tried to depict what I thought was a good reflection of this scenario. After searching, he finds her sitting alone sipping lemonade at a cafe in France, so he sits down next to her as she says nothing. He gently pulls her arm toward him and imploringly kisses her hand, a sweet gesture of both humility and endearment that he is using to show he cannot live without her. She, of course, is unsure and still a little hurt from past wrongs. Her sad expression and lack of eye contact depicts her hesitancy to get involved, though she allows him to take her hand which says in her heart she is beginning to yield. The warm colors on him show his hopefulness, while the cool colors on her reflect her sadness.

This image came mainly from the end of the "
Mon Coeur S'ouvre À Ta Voix" portion of the song (from the album version, not the New Moon version) where the sincere crooning of Matthew Bellamy can be felt as he belts out, "I belong, I belong to you alone..." After chasing down the girl and pouring out his heart with apologies, and after she resists with some angered resentment, the moment comes where all is dropped to a quiet whisper when he is truthfully broken and lost in the kiss he lays upon her hand. She is lost with him, wondering if she can do it all again.

Lyrics are here.

Pen and watercolor.

"I Belong To You (
Mon Coeur S'ouvre À Ta Voix)" (c) Muse
Artwork (c) Swiss Dutchess Art


  1. You are such a romantic. I really like this illustration, and love that you explained your intentions. Cool project, Danielle.

  2. When do you have time to do this kind of stuff? In between running work etc? So, what I want to know is the logistics of art work. Was it a ball point pen and paper, then painted over? Then scanned? etc. I'm not artistic so I like to know the process so I can appreciate it. Thanks!

  3. I love the concept of this blog and your interpretation of this song. Keep it up, D!

  4. i love this! i can't wait to check back and see the next one. you are so talented.

  5. Danielle, I llllove this piece! I wish I could get a print of it! You are so amazing and talented! This whole concept is so awesome!

  6. i like this,it seems like there are thousand of words behind this picture .. NICE! i wanna see more from you.