Monday, January 25, 2010



Last week I started us off with Muse, and today I am following it up with Spaceman by the Killers. I had seen the music video and while it didn't make much sense, I did enjoy the circus dance party in space. I also loved the nod to David Bowie via the Labyrinth with all the feathers cascading off the shoulders of Brandon Flowers.

When it came to the song, I understood it to be the experience of someone leaving something they shouldn't have been involved with in the first place, and then being continually haunted by the experience and wanting to go back to it. I drew a picture following the space concept that the Killers brought; someone searching for evidence of something they once saw or felt. To everyone else he might seem crazy, wanting to return to something that essentially took him and held him from the life he once knew. No one can empathize because they weren't there. And while he is attempting to live life he is hoping his strange memories were something real.

I totally get the metaphor the Killers use to portray this idea through the concept of being abducted. The guy thinks he wants it, experiences it and then returns home, only to find himself a changed man while everything around him is the same, and now he wants nothing more than to go back only he can't find any shred of evidence that it even existed. And then he spends every waking moment searching and obsessing over it. The guy in the picture is plainly looking for some sign of life in the sky. The space helmet he wears and the maps and notes scattered about portray his somewhat crazed state of mind in the moment of obsession.


"Spaceman" (c) the Killers
Artwork (c) Swiss Dutchess Art


  1. True dat. True dat.

    Also- there is a metaphor for coming to the light; that once a caveman leaves his cave into the light, he can never really return to living in a cave. Once you've experienced the miracle of loving someone, you want nothing more than to get back to a place where you can experience it again.

  2. i don't like the killers. but i love this picture. it's me when i was 10.