Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Exogenisis: Symphony Part II


Ever comforting during desperate fear and calamity in huge events or quiet pains, they who would be heroes to us go unnoticed by our eyes more often than not because they are someone wholly unexpected. This is the neighbor from a few streets over that returns a lost dog. The stranger that holds the door open for you when your arms are full. Or the anonymous person who left you an envelope of money in a time of great need. These are all heroic acts from people we would never take two glances at.

Because I am a religious person I couldn't help but think of Jesus Christ while listening to Muse's Exogenesis: Symphony Part II when the lyrics sing of someone risking their life for the rest of the world. We all know the Savior did this and that He was a hero unseen and unexpected of most the people in His day. But instead of painting a picture of the Savior I decided to do a piece featuring the unexpected hero represented in a child. Children have a noble innocence that give them the courage to do what is right for the greater good. You see in this painting a little girl stepping to the edge of the world and facing the unknown for those she loves. She knows there is no going back to who she was before. The kind of courage and selfless love it takes to be a true hero can be shown in even the smallest act of kindness.

Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2 (c) Muse
Artwork (c) SwissDutchess Art

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