Friday, January 29, 2010



I really love this interpretation of Human. At first, the suggestion of the word 'dancer' as an adjective feels awkward. But if you listen to the lyrics of the song, you can see the struggles of the courage it takes to change from a follower into a leader. Hence the phrase, "are we human or are we dancer?" Do we think of our own free will, or do we follow a choreographed routine made by someone else? Do we lead our own lives, or do we let others lead it for us?

I decided to draw a marionette. I couldn't help but imagine from the first verse to the second, a marionette being controlled by strings dancing in a theater. At one point she finally breaks free of her strings, jumps off the stage, and runs through the seats to the door opening out to a free world. But since I can't animate my own music videos, I put it down in art. In the image you see the point at which the marionette is running from the stage and snapping free from her strings that hold her back.

I love the idea of being able to let go. We tend to get stuck in a comfortable routine that becomes our familiar stage. It takes courage to 'cut the cord' as it says in the song, and break free. Sometimes you look back, wanting to return to the ease of it all, but it will only take you further away from the open door ahead of you. In the end you will never regret taking the risk because it is worth it.

"Human" (c) the Killers
"Human" Artwork (c) SwissDutchess Art


  1. That's such a completely different interpretation of these lyrics from what I always had, but I love the storyline and your translated vision.

    This is gonna be one killer portfolio.

    (oops. No pun intended. Really.)

  2. I love this one! And what you wrote is sooo true. It is scary to break free and easy to stay in your comfort zone, but if we keep moving through the fear toward that open door you speak of great things await us! I feel inspired by you! Thanks!